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ZUSER20150719103053398 - Review done by ZUSER20150719103053398


Melinda is nothing short of AMAZING. She is legit the best realtor you could ask for and takes care of everything. Definition of ABOVE AND BEYOND. Melinda helped my buy my first house in 2017 as a scared first time buyer. She then helped me sell this house in the currently crazy world of home buying in 2022. I had to relocate for work quickly which is stressful on its own but she made the process of selling so easy. I would have had numerous breakdowns if not for her. Cannot thank you enough for helping me through this time.

E S SCOTT21 - Review done by E S SCOTT21


Melinda is fantastic! We thought we were going to lose our dream house because traditional lenders wouldn't work with my travel nursing income. Melinda went above and beyond, calling other lenders on our behalf and found one to work with us! Everything went smoothly and quickly after that. We would absolutely work with her again and recommend her to everyone!



You will not find anyone like her. She fights for her clients and makes the process seamless and easy. Her team is amazing and we cannot say enough good things about our experience with The Melinda Lynch Team.

PAOU STAN - Review done by PAOU STAN


Melinda and the whole Team are just AMAZING! As first time buyers, we were cautious, stressed and full of questions but Melinda made the whole experience seem like a walk in a park. Not only we got all of our questions answered, the whole timeline organized but we also got the best deal possible. Melinda will fight for you day and night, and you will only realize it once all issues are solved and negotiations completed. Not to mention, she is just a really easy-going, special person.If you're looking for a professional with great personality and amazing skills, then you should choose Melinda and her Team.



She made things clear and easy! My questions were answered timely and easy to understand. I would highly recommend Melinda to any of my friends or family. Thanks again!



When we requested to see a house, she literally showed it to us within 24 hours. She is so organized that from the minute we decided to buy the house, she had a timeline for when and how every part of the process was scheduled to happen. She always made herself available for questions or concerns we had. She also provided us with great basic information to give an overview on the home buying process that was very helpful. She is also very pleasant and personable to work with. I truly felt like she had our best interest in mind during the purchasing process and even now after the sale is complete, when I reach out to her she is fabulous and will answer questions (which I always have so much of).

FALLENANGEL67 1986 - Review done by FALLENANGEL67 1986


Melinda worked very hard to help us not only sell our home but also buy our dreamLynch! Very knowledgeable and accessible when you have questions...Highly recommend. In a pinch, call Melinda lynch!

ALM112011 - Review done by ALM112011


Melinda and her team are awsome. They go above and beyond. Melinda had our house on the market and sold in a couple of days. I needed a couple things done on my house for closing and when I got stressed she knew it was nothing and had people that were able to help me. I would use them again and recommended her and her team to anyone.

IAN MATSON - Review done by IAN MATSON


Extremely easy to work with and walked me through all steps as a first time home buyer. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home that is new or familiar with the process. Melinda and her team did all the work for me once I said the home I wanted and it was a breeze from there with my involvement.

CAHILL142 - Review done by CAHILL142


Melinda is great! She made the entire process of buying a home seem painless. She knows her stuff for sure. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home in the area!

COLIASTRO430 - Review done by COLIASTRO430


I cannot say enough good things about Melinda! She is always there when you need her and will do whatever it takes on the sale or purchase of your home.She is always available and even answered my calls/emails when I used her the first time when she was on her honeymoon! How could I not use her a second time when I had her undivided attention.

DUFFS0211 - Review done by DUFFS0211


Our experience was amazing start to finish. She took all the guess work out of everything! She was sure to help us get a loan officer, home inspector and even referred people to do work that we were wanting to do! She also was timely and got us in to the house a few times to take measurements and look around more!



Melinda was amazing to work with during the process of selling our house. She was recommended to us through a friend and went above and beyond to help us through the process. She exceeded our expectations. She was personable, knowledgeable, and kept us informed throughout the process. Any and all questions were answered in a timely manner. The house was beautifully staged and the pictures captured the charm of the house. We were under contract and with an offer above our asking price! Melinda is a passionate and a dedicated real estate agent and it was truly a blessing working with her.

SHANNON6586 - Review done by SHANNON6586


I am not exaggerating when I say that Melinda truly goes above and beyond. My family and I were looking for a house in the worst possible time…when the market turned completely crazy. We wanted acreage and within a certain county and we looked at a TON of houses. We fell in love with a certain home and unfortunately “lost” it…however, Melinda stayed on top of it just in case anything fell through. We are closing on that house next month. She was able to get the job done and get us our dream home!! I 100% recommend her!! The thing I’d say I loved the most is how she truly cares about the emotional side of purchasing a home. It feels more personal!!



Working with Melinda was a dream! For a first-time home buyer she was incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to review any questions I had - which were a lot! She has a team of professionals who truly care about the experience and providing top service throughout the entire process, which should have been stressful felt seamless thanks to Melinda! Have already recommended her to friends and family - she's the best!

ZUSER20190427122449915 - Review done by ZUSER20190427122449915


Melinda is easy to work with. While touring houses, she was always helpful with questions and never pushy. My favorite thing was always to ask her for the negatives and she never hesitated to be candid. This made me feel more confident in making a decision and less "sold to".



Melinda was so easy to work with. I am only 22 years old and this whole process was new to me. She was very patient with all my questions and concerns. She was always available to show me a home at moments notice. All my emails and texts were handled very promptly. She was so professional.

LAUR2537 - Review done by LAUR2537


She is the best there is!! She is very knowledgeable and detailed. Everything went extremely smooth with selling and buying. She found us the perfect home when I was worried it wouldn't happen. She also got us way over asking for our home we sold(multiple offers first day of showings). Make sure Melinda is your agent or you are missing out.

KLUCK2429 - Review done by KLUCK2429


Melinda was amazing from the start of our search to the end! She made sure we had everything in line for the process of purchasing our house and made herself as well as any of her contacts available to us for any questions or concerns we had. She made the process easy and a pleasant experience. I would recommend her as well as anyone from her team who is selling or buying!



It was a pleasure working with Melinda Lynch to sell our house. She was very knowledgeable about the state of real estate in general, and locally. When Melinda first came over to discuss what we wanted to do, she already had examples of nearby, similar homes that sold recently or were on the market. She did a wonderful job bringing in items to decorate and add some polish to rooms where we hadn't done much, and the results were spectacular. It almost made us not want to sell the house!Melinda was extremely responsive, answering calls or texts at really any time we reached out. On top of that she has a great personality that makes the process not feel overwhelming. Melinda was very prompt in giving us a list of things we needed to do, and executed things on her end with speed and precision. Working with Melinda we were completely comfortable with the entire process of selling a home, which happened to be the first house my wife and I had sold.I would highly recommend Melinda Lynch.



Melinda was a pleasure to work with. She was very knowledgeable and never left any questions unanswered. She always showed up with a smile and was a joy. I will definitely be recommending her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!



1000% would recommend Melinda and her team to any one wanting to sell or purchase a home. We had tried to sell our home a few years back and we’re instantly regretted our choice or realtor. Melinda did more on day one for us than our previous realtor did the entire time our home was listed the first time! She just successfully negotiated a land sale for us and we look forward to listing our home with her soon!

LYNNHAGELE43 - Review done by LYNNHAGELE43


Melinda Lynch came highly recommended through a mutual friend and I agree. She pays close attention to YOUR wants and to YOUR needs. Melinda is very knowledgable and will give you her professional opinion. It was a pleasure to work with Melinda Lynch.

AUSTIN L ALLEN2016 - Review done by AUSTIN L ALLEN2016


Melinda has been so knowledgeable and in tune with this whole process. Being very young, and a first time home buyer, she has been someone that has walked me through each and every step. Her personality makes you feel very comfortable and I would recommend Melinda and her Team to anyone looking to find their next home.

ZUSER20181122131039251 - Review done by ZUSER20181122131039251


Where can I start with this very positive review and experience. Well let’s first start this when I first reached out to Melinda she was fast to answer my call. Was very honest and up front with me on what I was looking for and the price range. I can say I am a first time home buyer and was very pleased with the over all out come with everything. She was there for every step along the way and was very quick to answer my 10,000 phone calls no matter what time of day it was or how dumb my questions may have been. Very professional and friendly service. And at the closing omg my stomach was in a knotted up with my nerves and she and her team made it very fun interesting and funny all at once. But if I need these service’s again I will be sure to contact her



Melinda Lynch is the real deal!Starting the process as a first time home buyer I was intimidated and totally lost but Melinda called me out of the blue after my initial inquiry on Zillow. She was immediately informative and began guiding my process. We looked at umpteen homes before the pandemic hit and everything shut down. But we never gave up! Actually she never gave up even while I had my doubts. Out of nowhere a house came along and we knew it was special. After viewing it we went under contract within a week. It was sort of bitter sweet that the search ended because Melinda made it a BLAST to buy a home. She made an intimidating decision FUN and I know I found my forever realtor. If you need a realtor whether it be to buy or sell- let Melinda Lynch work her magic and I’m certain you will be pleased. Thanks again Melinda!!!!

ZUSER20190514051951700 - Review done by ZUSER20190514051951700


Melinda Lynch is a pro in every way and it shows! She is personable and pleasant, and uses her charm to manage even the most sticky negotiations. We worked with Melinda for nearly 2 years and she worked tirelessly to find our dream house. Since we had a uniquely extended process, we ran into some difficult and confusing situations and Melinda had the depth of knowledge that was necessary to walk us through each issue and helped reassure us at every step of the way. I cannot recommend Melinda enough, and I genuinely mean that. She is truly a professional and extremely knowledgeable at navigating the intricacies of the real estate industry. I am so glad we chose to work with her and developed a relationship over our time together. She is a gem!

YUNIEL86 - Review done by YUNIEL86


As a first-time home buyer, one of my primary concerns was finding a realtor that I could trust. I was raised to be skeptical of people who could profit from my ignorance, and when I say this, I do not exaggerate: Melinda was a dream come true. She is authentic, and she is straightforward about the fact that she plays the long game; her goal is to meet her clients’ needs first, so that they hire her again and/or recommend her to others. This makes for an excellent client experience, but it also just good business practice. So here I am writing a review, saying that if you are looking to buy or sell a home in Pittsburgh, you should hire Melinda Lynch. There are two things that stand out about Melinda as a realtor. First, she has a top-notch team and network of professionals that ensure that her clients are taken care of every step of the way. This was especially significant for me as a first-time home buyer, who was also moving out of state. Looking back, I have no regrets about following all of her recommendations. Second, she loves being a realtor. This isn’t a side hustle for her, which means that she is available when her clients need her most, and she has invested her time and energy refining her practice and knowing the market. This woman managed to get us to close on a house during the initial close-down of the 2020 COVID pandemic. She moved mountains to make this happen, and I am deeply grateful for her support and real estate savvy in such a stressful time. On that note, I am grateful that I found Melinda in the first place; I cannot imagine a better home buying experience.

ZUSER20170122100227654 - Review done by ZUSER20170122100227654


Melinda is awesome, she was there every step of our journey and always went the extra mile! Highly recommend her in your search for a home, she’s knowledgeable in many different areas and makes thing happen! So much more than a realtor!

KJGARDNER17 - Review done by KJGARDNER17


Melinda was a so dedicated in selling our home . We had it listed with another agent who did nothing right from the start , pictures were terrible, he listed our home to high from the start didn't work for us . He wasted 2 months with not even a nibble. We got rid of him and contacted Melinda and things got better right as soon as we met her. She listed our home at a comp. price and after 11 days on the market and two open houses she called us to let us know we got an offer and worked late into the evening to negotiate a deal if that's not dedicated. She made herself available any time if my wife or I had questions. From the start to that 11pm phone called letting us know we sold our home at list she was there with advise . Thanks to Melinda our worries are over after a scary beginning with the wrong real estate agent. Wish I found her earlier. Great job from start to finish.

SSHOTT6 - Review done by SSHOTT6


I couldn't have asked for a better realtor than Melinda. From day 1 she was right on top of things. She had a fabulous photographer come and take pictures in a really timely manner, she held a realtor open house immediately. We had an few offers very quickly and she did a great job with the negotiations all the way through till closing. I would highly recommend her!!!



Melinda went above and beyond in my unique home buying experience. She used her expertise and did not hesitate to find answers when she needed to. With her help, (and a few miracles) I am so happy in my new home.

ASAHADY - Review done by ASAHADY


Melinda went above and beyond in my unique home buying experience. She used her expertise and did not hesitate to find answers when she needed to. With her help, (and a few miracles) I am so happy in my new home.



Melinda is always a delight to deal with no matter how bad things are going. She continually goes above and beyond.I wouldn't deal with anyone else for buying or selling a house.

SECKERT74467 - Review done by SECKERT74467


We Would recommend Melinda to anyone who is looking for a house! It was our first home purchase, and Melinda took the time to walk us through every step of the way! It was very stressful, but we always we're prepaired for what was coming next. We both had a lot going on during the process, but we still felt like her top priority at all times. She was always there to talk me down when I was freaking out during the purchase (and a bad swere line and appraisal!) And will be someone I can count on in the future.When we sell this house she will be my first call!

528JESSE - Review done by 528JESSE


Melinda is the best realtor we have ever had the pleasure of working with! She was so helpful and knowledgeable about the entire home buying and selling process. She helped us not only sell our home extremely fast but also helped us purchase a home we fell in love with! She took care of everything for us and made sure we did not have to worry about anything. Melinda is a wonderful realtor and we have and will continue to recommend her to anyone looking to sell or buy a home! Thank you again Melinda for being so wonderful and making the process so simple and easy for us!

DOUG WALTER3 - Review done by DOUG WALTER3


Melinda is an amazing realtor. As my selling agent, Melinda was there for me from start to finish. From the initial review of my home, suggestions for minor improvements, comprehensive and aggressive appraisal, listing and open house -- she stands above the crowd. My house sold in just a few days from being listed. Highly recommend to anyone who needs a great agent. She takes all of the worries out of selling your home.



From tenuous beginning to victorious end Melinda Lynch walked hand in hand with me. She was patient with me when I had sooo many questions. Her guidance and expert knowledge enable me to sell my home 6 days after it went on the market. At the same time she made my new home a dream come true. I am grateful for her as she was not only a realtor but a friend. You will not regret choosing Ng this amazing woman to represent you-buying or selling!

CODY30PA - Review done by CODY30PA


Melinda was always there to help us whether it was a weekend or week night. She is super friendly and knowledgeable and anyone looking for a home would benefit from getting to know this fabulous real estate professional.



Melinda is an amazing realtor. She convinced me that I could buy a home when I didn’t think it was possible. She gave me the information and advice I needed to make it happen. She was available with answers to questions every step of the way. She was knowledgeable and knew how to handle every bump in the road. She was great to look at homes with, making it a fun experience but also by pointing out things to think about that might not have crossed my mind. The combination of personality and experience make her the ideal realtor to work with.

BMJ3SEW - Review done by BMJ3SEW


I needed help selling and Melinda just fit! Her personality was just what I wanted! Her knowledge was what I needed! She’s the most helpful, hard working woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to meet!

MOMMAG72 - Review done by MOMMAG72


Everything about working with Melinda was a pleasure! We were unsure about putting our house on the market and what we would have to do to list it. Melinda had us whipped into shape in no time. We were out of old house and into our new house in 60 days. Thanks to Melinda, we sold our house in TWO days! FANTASTIC sales price on our old house and wicked good negotiation on the new one. The home selling and buying process wasn't painless but with Melinda, it was fun!

ZUSER20160723152050806 - Review done by ZUSER20160723152050806


I'm one of Melinda's clients and biggest fans. She helped me with my home purchase as I moved from CA to PA in 2017. She got back to me within an hour of me making a request on Zillow. This was a huge difference compared to the realtor who was actually listed on the property that I wanted to see. Despite it being the day before the July 4th holiday, Melinda chatted with me and made a plan to show me places on the 5th. The home I had hoped to see was already under contract by the 5th, but she found another property down the street that was NOT listed on Zillow. That's the property I ended up buying with her help. She did all of this despite me being in CA for the majority of the buying process. The ONLY downside of working with Melinda, is that you will like her so much and trust her so much, that you will want her to be your new best friend, and she has a very busy life helping tons of people buy and sell homes while being a devoted mom and wife.She is really THAT good.



Melinda has been absolutely tremendous throughout this entire process. If we ever move again, we will definitely be calling Melinda again, and we would recommend her to anyone. We started the process with Melinda as casual buyers, we just wanted to see a house. Before you know it we were seriously looking. Melinda made herself very available and was willing to show us many many homes, even multiple times. We put in an offer and listed our house 3 weekends later. We all thought the Home was slightly over priced and we knew there was a number we wanted to stay below. The buyer wouldn’t budge to our price, so the offer fell through. The whole time Melinda was on our side, never pressuring us to raise our price. You could tell that she didn’t just want our commission, she wanted us to be happy! After that we decided to build, and she is still representing us in that endeavor. Selling our house, Melinda was great in getting our house on everyone’s radar. She had 2 listings in the first day, and both made offers. We accepted, however an unfortunate circumstance arose that was out of our control and that offer fell through. We put it back on the market to get a 3 offer from the 3rd showing. This ended up being our buyer! Melinda was great communicating everything needing to be done every step of the way. She was always by our side and always had our best intentions in mind. We trust Melinda very much and thank her for all of her hard work and dedication that she put in to help us along the way.

USER05743078 - Review done by USER05743078


Melinda is truly one of a kind! Her service as a realtor and her friendship has helped me through the buying of my home and the selling of my fathers after his passing. Melinda genuinely loves what she does and that shines through in every aspect of buying and selling a home with her. Compassion and sincerity moved her from my realtor to my friend very quickly, and I feel so blessed! I truly feel she was placed in my life at just the right time!! I 100% recommend utilizing her as your agent whether buying, selling, or best of all both!!

USER62308611 - Review done by USER62308611


Melinda is the best realtorin the World. It took me 4 months to close for my house and Melinda was with me during those 4 months. She treated me and my wife like her family members and went out of her way to make sure we got the house of our dreams. Melinda is a soldier, a fighter and puts 100% in for her clients. With her you are GETTING THE BEST OF THE BEST. Honestly me and my wife love this woman. She is strong woman and know the ins and out in this business. She hustled for her clients until they close and checks on them making sure things are good.You are the BEST AT WHAT YOU DO.Sincerely: HAJI MUYA

LISAHALL2 - Review done by LISAHALL2


Melinda is amazing. From start to finish, she stuck by me. Even when things looked bad, she went above and beyond. Always smiling. Always positive. I would recommend Melinda every time. She explained everything, answered all my questions and I never felt like just another client. She treated me like family throughout this whole thing and she knows her stuff. Best realtor ever! (Melinda, I sincerely appreciate every single thing. I would never have been able to do this without your confidence, strength and neverending optimism. thank you!!)



She's A-MAZING. Answered every question and concern within a timely manner. Very reassuring and comforting when we had any issues. Definitely recommend!

TAMMY - Review done by TAMMY


Melinda goes above and beyond any expectations. If you want to buy a home she is the go to gal. Give her a call you will be happy you did We were on a very short time schedule and Melinda made it happen when others failed. You wont go wrong when you call Melinda Lynch

HANSF ANDERSON1388 - Review done by HANSF ANDERSON1388


Melinda was extremely helpful with the property we ended up purchasing. She assisted us with understanding all the new processes that we would face with our VA loan. Also she was extremely knowledgeable and efficent with the negotiations on the price of the property. I would recommend her to anyone who asks



Melinda was a life savior when it came to selling my house. She was knowledgeable about listing price and scheduled an open house and sold our house with multiple offers at listing! She is an amazing realtor and I can't recommend her enough to anyone! She is an amazing person and an even better realtor!



Melinda was a life savior when it came to selling my house. She was knowledgeable about listing price and scheduled an open house and sold our house with multiple offers at listing! She is an amazing realtor and I can't recommend her enough to anyone! She is an amazing person and an even better realtor!

USER11628087 - Review done by USER11628087


Simply put, Melinda Lynch is the Best! She is probably the most positive and energetic realtor out there. Melinda does everything with a smile on her face. She is extremely motivated to help her clients get what they want. Melinda not only sold our property for more than what we thought possible, but she helped us get into a home that is perfect for us! She is very knowledgeable and knows many other professionals in the field that are eager to help make the home buying/selling process go smoothly. We would have never been able to go through this process without Melinda! Our transactions had many roadblocks on both the buying and selling side, but she remained very positive and kept us well informed throughout the entire process! Every time I would call with a question (which was a lot - day and night), she made me feel like we were her top priority. I would highly recommend that you contact Melinda Lynch if you need a very motivated, personable, friendly, and knowledgeable realtor!



Melinda was one of (if not the most) positive and energetic realtor that we've had the pleasure of working with. She is motivated and truly wants to make a difference for her clients. She was able to get us help with everything we needed and know great, reliable people that are eager to help out. I don't know how we would have been able to get our new home without her help. She made the process seamless (even though there is always a lot of unavoidable paperwork when buying), which was a welcome change from some other realtors that we had the misfortune of trying to work with in the past. I would absolutely recommend that you contact Melinda if you need a responsive, knowledgeable, friendly, and proficient realtor!

USER6177282 - Review done by USER6177282


We had listed our home as a for sale by owner, and Melinda contacted us about bringing one of her buyers through - before she left we were ready to sign on the dotted line for her to list our house! She is amazing, and we loved her the moment we met her! She listed our home for more than we expected and sold it on the first day, over list price!!! On our buying side, it's been one disaster after another with our lender, and Melinda has been there day and night putting up with my texts, emails and calls, always with a smile and a positive attitude, but never sugar coating things, she's a straight shooter, which I love! If you're looking for an agent, either to buy or sell, I would recommend you contact Melinda ... as she likes to say Melinda Lynch will sell your home in a pinch and make home buying a cinch! And she really does!